Life on earth depends on a healthy nature. We strive for sustainable and responsible actions throughout our operations.



Our future depends on the choices we make. Reducing the impact of the mankind on the nature and always consider sustainability and responsibility in all actions is essential.



Circular economy provides profitable business and bring well-being to the shareholders, entire value-chain and society.


Our mission is to make plastics circular. Our efforts will help solve the plastics waste issue. We target to keep nature clean from plastics and reduce systemic plastic industry CO₂ emissions through our activities. We make plastics circular!

About us


We make plastics circular

Resiclo will produce ISCC Plus certified oil from waste plastic to replace virgin raw material.

The need for fossil crude oil origin raw material is reduced.

Chemical recycling

Chemical recycling has the capability to break down the waste plastics into new building blocks for various types of plastics. Chemical recycling in combination with mechanical recycling enables optimizing recycling processes and increasing recycling rates significantly.

European validation in Kilpilahti

Resiclo is developing the first European validation project in Kilpilahti, Finland. Resiclo will produce raw material for the plastic industry from plastic waste.

Circular economy enables solving the environmental issues related to plastic waste. Advanced chemical recycling is a key solution enabling higher recycling rates for plastics and maintains valuable materials in use longer.


Resiclo technology is a catalytic thermolysis process, which enables thermochemical recycling of a heterogenous, mixed plastic feedstock to a high quality oil.


Resiclo will help solve the plastic waste problem in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way.


We make plastics circular

Resiclo produces feedstock for recycled plastic producers through chemical recycling, increasing plastic circulation, utilization of plastic waste and replacing of fossil raw materials.

Resiclo aims to make plastics circular

  • Resiclo uses waste plastic as raw material
  • The material recieved is sorted and pre-treated prior to the thermolysis
  • The oil is cooled down and made available for transportation
  • The oil is used at a petrochemical site as raw material for new plastics

Recycling reduces emissions

When plastics are recycled, overall systemic emissions are reduced in three ways. Firstly, emissions are reduced as the need for new virgin crude oil origin plastics is reduced. Recycling reduces the need to explore and drill for new oil, transport it and refine it, to produce raw material for new plastics. Secondly, recycling reduces the […]

All plastics can be recycled

There has been a lot of debate in the past years about how the growing plastic waste issue should be managed. In principle, all plastics can be recycled. When diligently sorted and cleaned, all plastic types are suitable for mechanical recycling, melting the waste plastic and regranulating them. However, such recycling methods are many time […]

Circular economy creates savings

When products are reused, repaired and recycled, savings are created in the form of extended life time of the product and raw material. This reduces the need for sourcing new raw materials, with no need to find them, purchase them and use them to produce new products. The savings from raw materials expenses soon exceeds […]

Thanks to ELY and the EU for supporting our development project!

Resiclo is a Finnish start-up phase recycling company which has been developing chemical recycling projects for plastics waste since 2018. The Kilpilahti plant is intended to serve as a validation for our future projects. Resiclo is planning to build several recycling plants in Europe during the coming years

Resiclo’s strong know-how in plastics chemical recycling will enable a systemic reduction of CO2 emissions, efficient recycling, and the reduction of the environmental impact of plastics. Advanced chemical recycling enables increasing the amount of plastics getting recycled and the amount of sustainable raw materials in the plastics industry.