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Founding and Vision

2018-2019: The founders of Resiclo meet and share their vision for a company that
pioneers chemical recycling of plastics.

Growth and Investment

2020-2021: Resiclo Oy Ltd. is founded, secures a site for its first reference plant in Kilpilahti, Finland and finds its first investors and advisors.

Partnership and Construction

2022-2023: Resiclo signs an investment agreement with Lamor and begins construction on the Kilpilahti plant through a Joint-Venture company.

Scaling Up (Present)

Resiclo is assessing plant opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe and seeking funding commitments for its next plants.

Our Mission

Our efforts will help solve the plastics waste issue. We target to keep nature clean from plastics and reduce systemic plastic industry CO₂ emissions through our activities.

We make plastics circular!





We honor the interconnectedness of our team, the environment, and all of humanity.

Our mission hinges on maintaining a pristine natural world, minimizing plastic pollution to safeguard life on Earth. Through every facet of our business, we practice sustainability and responsible stewardship.


Continuous Improvement

Our path is one of relentless progress, targeting efficiency and the ongoing enhancement of our team’s skills.

We’re dedicated to evolving sustainably, refining our operations daily to align with global advancement.

Delivering Results

Our core belief is that profitability and environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive.

We aim to generate value for our shareholders and the wider community, fostering well-being without sacrificing safety or environmental integrity.


We’re committed to quality and adapting to our customers’ changing needs.

By offering responsibly produced, high-quality products, we support our clients in achieving their environmental goals, particularly in reducing carbon footprints and promoting the use of recycled materials.