Business & Project Management

Experienced business management and project management team, with advisor
support for environmental policy makers in Europe

Juha Pinomaa

Juha Pinomaa Executive Chairman

CEO level executive and board professional with broad profit/loss experience on global scale. Former executive at Nokia and CEO for Suunto.

For the last 10 years, Juha has been actively developing growth companies through board and advisor roles.


Harri Näivö CFO

Harri is a finance professional with extensive experience of leading and developing financial management of new businesses. He has strong financial administration competence combined with high level skills in financial modelling, funding, strategy building, creating financial management operations from scratch and M&A.

Harri supports the company development as a part time CFO. He holds an M.Sc. in Economics.


Kimmo Kontuniemi CBDO & Co-Founder

Kimmo has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, focusing mainly on customer acquisition, sales and networking.

Kimmo has visited dozens of landfills in Europe, Africa, Thailand and Pakistan to identify feedstock suppliers and partners.


Matti Väyrynen Project Director

Matti is a result-oriented supply chain and project management expert. He has international experience in managing multicultural project teams having lived 12 years abroad and executed large-scale international projects at Nokia Networks in Europe and Africa.

Matti joined Resiclo in 2020 for the Kilpilahti project execution and managing the European roll-out plan.


Kimmo Tiilikainen Advisor / Investor

Member of Finnish Parliament 2003-2019, Minister of Environment 2007-2008, Minister of Agriculture and Environment 2015-2017 and Minister of Environment, Energy and Housing 2017-2019. He holds an M.Sc. In Agriculture and Forestry.

Kimmo joined Resiclo as a shareholder in 2021. He supports the development of the company through his wide network among political decision makers globally.


Martin Evers Advisor / Board Member

CEO of Thurne Teknik AB, a company providing advanced chemical process solutions for the pharma, chemical, and food industries in the Nordic countries, Poland, and Baltic States. M.Sc. Degree in Process Engineering.

Martin joined Resiclo as a board member in 2021. He supports the development of the company through his industrial business knowledge.

Technology Development

Top notch tech team in place enabling process optimization and IPR generation


Yrjö Laakso CTO, Board Member & Co-Founder

Yrjö has a long entrepreneurial background and vast experience in petrochemical processes. He has conducted extensive research in chemical recycling. He holds an M.Sc. in Nuclear Physics.

Yrjö’s special expertise is to combine economic, technical and social aspects into a functional and profitable model.


Pekka Aalto Technology Advisor

Pekka has a M.Sc. (Tech) in chemical engineering and is an awarded and retired R&D Fellow with background at Neste for over 37 years in the field of oil refining processes, especially catalysis, relating to renewable fuels and hydrocarbons.

Pekka is one of the co-inventors of the NEXBTL product and process. Pekka has been involved in over 70 patent families and applications related to hydrocarbon fuel and lubricant innovation and development, and won several Innovation awards.


Tomi Nyman Advisor & Co-Founder

He is the author of Pöyry’s PlasticsToBio concept and ‘father’ of Neste’s bioplastics, biochemicals and chemical recycling programs. He holds an M.Sc in Chemistry.

Tomi suits perfectly to the team to develop chemical recycling to the next level and he has the right connections to off-takers.


Ulla Kiiski Technology Advisor

Ulla Kiiski has a Licenciate degree in physical chemistry and is an awarded and retired researcher, development specialist and team leader with background at Neste for over 36 years in the field of oil refining, catalysis and product development, especially renewable fuels and fuel additives.

During her career she developed Neste’s product and quality processes and various products including products such as Futura gasoline and diesel and Prodiesel and she was one of the original co-inventors of the NEXBTL process and product which is today known as Neste My Renewable Diesel.

Ulla has been involved in over 50 patent families relating to hydrocarbons and fuel innovation and development and won several Innovation awards.


Paul Shine Co-Founder

Paul has conducted exhaustive research in chemical recycling since 2012 and visited several operational sites around the world. He currently advises five recycling companies.

Paul has extensive knowledge and experience in the processes of thermal decomposition and catalytic/ non catalytic molecular recycling of hydrocarbon-based wastes.