Use of tested technology – boosted with Resiclo’s own R&D

Resiclo technology is a catalytic thermolysis process, which enables thermochemical recycling of a heterogenous, mixed plastic feedstock to a high quality oil.


Drawing upon its comprehensive technology understanding, Resiclo conducted a thorough evaluation of available technologies to select vendors for its first European plant in Finland. As a technology integrator, Resiclo optimizes the process quality by incorporating its proprietary know-how.

Our streamlined pre-treatment process offers key advantages: efficient bail de-wiring, removal of non-plastic elements, and precise shredding to the desired size for optimal feedstock preparation.

Our chosen catalytic thermolysis technology delivers versatile and sustainable benefits: It accepts a broad range of waste plastic materials, meets European safety and emissions standards, operates continuously with minimal downtime, and has a track record of commercial success.

Our Technology